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OSESS is about getting all the right people in the room

Coastal energy projects are complex with many moving parts.  Progress requires the inputs of ALL stakeholders.  A mission of the OSES Society is to rapidly advance projects from concept to implementation.  It starts by having the right conversation with the right people.


The Offshore Energy and Storage Society is a global network of Academics, Industrialists, Investors, and Policy Makers that share a common interest in development of clean and sustainable energy solutions for a better planet.  A growing half of the planet lives near shore - its energy should too.  Many coastal and offshore regions hold great promise for green and clean energy opportunities.  A strategic focus of the Society is the integration of generation and storage components for seamless, sustainable energy solutions.  Specific topics of interest to the Society include:  nearshore/offshore wind and solar, wave energy, tidal energy, compressed air energy storage (terrestrial and underwater), thermal storage, buoyancy based energy storage, pumped hydro storage, chemical batteries, flywheels, integrated coastal energy systems, symbiotic systems, coastal energy policy development, innovative project financing strategies, and coastal energy market development.

The OSES Society is responsible for the OSES Series of Symposiums, Industry Summits, and Webinars.  OSESS is also interested to serve as a connection platform for the construction of funding teams, international educational exchange programs, and offshore energy and storage project advancement.

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