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Working Group Meeting | Toronto | Mon.Jan.29.2018


Canada is a massive nation rich in energetic natural resources.  The world is seeking choices for economic, clean, and sustainable energy solutions.  Some countries are increasingly looking offshore to furnish this demand.  The sea presents near boundless opportunity for energy, water, and mineral harvesting.  However, such opportunity must be economic to be pragmatic.  This is particularly true when terrestrial options are so plentiful in a country like Canada.

This Working Group will examine the present and the anticipated realities of offshore renewable energy systems.  This will begin with review of installed examples from Europe and the embryonic US Offshore Wind sector.  Regulatory and economic policy will be discussed along side evolving technology trends.

Meeting Objectives

  • Educe an informed conversation to evaluate the potential for a thriving offshore renewable energy sector in Canada.

  • Identify and connect all critical stakeholders to build the most comprehensive team to assess true sector opportunity.

  • Determine what role Canadians could play outside of Canada in the global offshore renewable energy sector at large.

Who Should Attend


Regulatory and economic policy are critical to the potential of the sector.  Canada has a broad spectrum of procedures that will require a diverse group of experts to illustrate.


This fledgling frontier represents opportunity.  Come to examine the parameters of process and the potential for value.


Offshore projects bear large scopes.  Community value assessments are an essential piece to any future project success.


What are the implications of offshore assets?  Does it make sense?

Discussion Topics

  • Current state of global offshore renewable energy systems [technologies, penetration levels, histories, projections].

  • Advantages and disadvantages of offshore systems.

  • Global opportunities and obstacles within the sector.

  • Why would Canada pursue offshore renewable energy development?

  • What are the opportunities and obstacles for Canadian offshore renewable energy development?

  • Who are the current and potential players in an evolving offshore renewables sector?

  • Where does offshore engagement make the most sense in Canada?

  • How would a Canadian offshore renewables sector grow?

Event Details

WHEN:  1600 hrs - 1900 hrs | Monday, January 29th, 2018.  NB:  Day Before CanWEA O&M 2018. 

WHERE:  Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale, 6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON, L5N 2L3.

COST:  $100 [Until Sunday, January 21st], $150 [Monday, January 22nd until Event].

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