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OSES2018 Ningbo | July 4-6 

Offshore Energy and Storage Summit

Sea: The Future

OSES2018 expands its lead in the sustainable advancement of integrated coastal/offshore energy systems.  In its 5th and largest iteration, OSES2018 Ningbo builds on the well known and expanding OSES Event legacy established in Windsor, Edinburgh, Malta, and Cape Cod.  Leading industrial, policy, and academic professionals will converge to challenge convention.  Offshore Energy Generation and Storage Technology, Environmental Integration, Policy, and Expanding Global Markets will be a priority.  Cleaner and smarter energy systems mean sustainable economic growth.  Offshore Energy and Storage capitalizes on the tremendous resource opportunities associated with coastal regions.  Over half the world lives near the coast.  Its energy should too.

  • Coastal/Offshore Energy Harvesting Technologies

    • Wind

    • Solar

    • Wave

    • Tidal

    • Uranium

  • Coastal/Offshore Energy Storage Technologies

    • Compressed Air (underground, undersea, above ground)

    • Liquid Air

    • Thermal Stores

    • Electrochemical Stores

    • Kinnetic

    • Pumped Hydro (submerged, shaft based, coastal, offshore)

  • Coastal/Offshore Generation Integrated Storage Technologies

  • Islanded Energy System Innovations

    • Mini/Micro Grid

    • System Integration and Controls

  • Transmission Technologies

  • Environmentally Symbiotic Relationships in Energy Systems

  • Coastal/Offshore Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology and Policy

  • Innovative Mechanisms in Renewable Energy Finance and Market Design

Abstract Deadline Extended for Exceptional Submissions.
Journal of Energy Storage
Journal of Renewable Power Generation
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
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